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You are in a historic, perfectly restored VW Beetle convertible. Endless details remind you of the good old days. The Beetle has always been distincitive - its history, design and emotions. The familiar Beetle hides the latest technology, thanks to our exclusive cooperation with VW.

eClassics manufacture unique and top quality Beetle conversions. To the finest detail, the great and unique past of the Beetle is combined with the finest state of the art technology of an electric vehicle. It is a homage to the past and the symbiosis of history and the future. The new VW powertrain, with VW batteries and components, the usual reliability of the Beetle has been lifted to a modern and unprecedented level.

Accelerate and catapult into the future – believe it!


In exclusive cooperation with VW, our high-quality eBasIS Chassis has been developed.
It is the foundation of every electric conversion.

Three way to get your e-Käfer:
  • 1

    Your first option is to buy our eBasIS - CHASSIS. Then have your desired vehicle rebuilt with a certified converter of your choice.

  • 2

    Your second option is if you already are the owner of an historic VW Beetle (1303 or 1302) and you would like an electric conversion. We gently convert and “marry“ the historic car body onto the state of the art eBasIS - CHASSIS. (Please note, this process requires prior assessment of your vehicle, whether the conversion process is feasible based on the condition of the bodywork. The conversion can be reversed if desired, in order to maintain your vehicle’s historical value. Some bodywork for the necessary conversion could need to be done (e.g. rear bench wall, etc.). All work will be carried out by exprienced eClassics staff and our certified partners.)

  • 3

    Your third option is to buy the ready converted e-Käfer convertible, ready to drive away.

Option 1

eBasIS – CHASSIS "Solo"

Purchase an eBasIS - CHASSIS and your desired Beetle can be built by a specialist certified by eClassics.

Price on request

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Option 2

eBasIS - CHASSIS + oldtimer Beetle body (client restaurated vehicle)

Your historical Beetle is gently separated from its chassis. Then we “marry“ and connect your historic Beetle body onto our state of the art eBasIS - CHASSIS.

Price on request

Option 3

e-Käfer Convertible

You order a complete retro e-Käfer. Drive away with your e-Käfer, designed by you

Price on request

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